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Elevator Speeches

The Anti-cheese Cabal

Welcome to the wonderful world of elevator speeches!

Some reading this may wonder what an elevator speech is. Well wonder no more! An elevator speech is a short monologue which can be told to a person in the course of a short elevator ride. In this case we are referring to short speeches that will tell a person what the Anti-cheese Cabal is. That way if someone ever asks you what the Anti-cheese Cabal is you can tell them very simply.

At the moment only one speech is available but more will be added as they become submitted. If you have an idea for a speech you can submit it to:

Speech #1:
"The Anti-cheese Cabal is a 'secret society' whose purpose is to stop a conspiracy that will use cheese as a wedge of sorts, to get into the government and destroy it from the inside." --Submitted by Thomas K. Satirsley

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