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Rules for Members

The Anti-cheese Cabal

Here follow the fundamental rules of the Cabal. (More rules exist but the circumstances under which those rules will be enacted are not common.)

  1. Agents should model behavior and missions after ideas that will adhere to 'the plan.'
  2. There will be a census every year in which all posses, guilds, and chapters will be surveyed for their total number of members. The census is taken on the forums, and census dates will be decided ahead of time.

Organization of the Cabal
  1. The ruling group of the cabal is the Royal Council, the council includes all chapter leaders representing their own chapter (or if no chapters exist, the next highest group type, and so on), elite cheese-slayers and the council leader representing the legion of independant cheese-slayers.
  2. There exist two branches to the royal council. The elite cheese-slayer branch, and the other branch.
  3. In principle the council leader is the most direct decendant of the royal cheese-slaying line, and the de facto leader of the other branch.
  4. One may be appointed to the elite cheese-slayer branch by a petition with 300 member signatures, appointment by the council leader, or a 2/3 vote by the elite cheese-slayer branch.
  5. The leader of the elite cheese-slayer branch is democratically decided on by all members of the elite branch, and are elected for life.
  6. The other branch's purpose is to revise 'the plan'. Revisions to the plan are proposed by petitions signed by 200 members of the cabal. Proposals can be passed from the elite cheese-slayer branch to the other branch by 2/3 vote. The council leader may then decide to sign or veto the proposed revision, and if they veto it the proposal can still pass with a majority vote from the other branch.
On Groups
  1. Any agent who is not part of a posse is a member of the Legion of Independent Cheese-slayers.
  2. Agents may elect to form groups called posses. Posses are fragments of the Anti-cheese Cabal.
  3. Posses may be grouped into guilds (which are posses which are in close proximity) and further into chapters (Which are guilds in close proximity).
  4. Posses require a leader. How a leader is chosen by a posse is up to the posse, although it is assumed that most of the time the person who starts the posse is the leader. The leaders responsibilities include: promoting posse members society rank, deciding how decisions are made within the posse (democratic, dictatorial, anarchy, etc.), deciding which if any ties the posses have to other posses, and deciding missions for the posse to go on.

On Ranks
  1. There are two ranking groups. One is the cheese-slaying ranks, which is self-checked and self-regulated. The other is the society rank, which is regulated by posse leaders and high rank members.

  2. Cheese-Slaying Ranks:
  3. There are 5 cheese-slaying ranks within the Anti-cheese Cabal. They are listed below from highest to lowest with the suggested criteria for which promotion to a rank is warranted:
    Chosen Cheese-Slayer100 missions
    Lv. 1 Cheese-Slayer50 missions
    Lv. 2 Cheese-SlayerBecoming a posse leader, or 15 missions
    Lv. 3 Cheese-Slayer1 mission, or 1 piece of cheese
    Lv. 4 Cheese-SlayerStart
  4. Agents may use their cheese-slaying rank as a personal achievement record and they are free to promote themselves as they see fit. The cabal does not keep track of this number, and it will not be recognized as credentials for promotion in the cabal.

  5. Society Ranks:
  6. There are many society ranks which shall be outlined in this table:
    AdministratorThe administrator is the ruling member of the Royal Council.
    Vice AdministratorAnyone who is a member of the Royal Council besides the Admin.
    Chapter LeaderA position which is given to a Guild Leader who the guilds within a chapter chose to be their leader.
    Guild LeaderA position which is given to a Posse Leader who the posses within a guild choose as their leader.
    Posse LeaderTypically, the starting member of a posse, but always the leader of a posse. (There may be more then one for a posse.)
    Posse Member/LegionnaireA member of a posse, or a cheese-slayer who has not joined or made a posse.

On Missions
  1. A mission is considered any task that might bring completion of the plan closer to realization.
  2. Members may choose what missions they wish to carry out.
  3. It is permitted to form temporary groups (called "Teams") for the completion of a mission.

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