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Anti-cheese Cabal: Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions
Here's were you can come and have all your questions answered. If you don't find your question on here then Email me at:

Thomas K. Satirsley, is the webmaster of this site, and a distinguished member of the Anti-cheese Cabal.

The Anti-cheese Cabal is a 'secret society' whose purpose is to stop a conspiracy that will use cheese as a wedge of sorts, to get into the government and destroy it from the inside.

This is classified information known only to the elite members of the . However, lower ranked members and believers have created their own name for the dark organization that encompasses the conspiracy of the cheesy underworld: "The Pro-cheese Vigilante Crime Syndicate." The hypothesized head of the syndicate is often referred to as "The Big Cheese."

It's any method that can render cheese as something unrecognizable as cheese; If at the end of whatever you did to the cheese, it can no longer be seen as cheese by any stretch of your imagination you have succeeded (if you have a good imagination, imagine what someone else would imagine as not being cheese).

Q: Can I still eat cheese if I'm a member?
I don't know, can you?

Yes, we put no restrictions on the consumtion of cheese and actually recomend you eat it! It's full of nutrients that help a body grow strong. Not too mention that it's far easier to eat cheese then say, blow it up with home-made incindiary devices...

The Royal Council is the ruling party of the Anti-cheese Cabal. Members on it are those agents who have proven themselves as worthy Cheese-slayers and active contributors to society. Members in it are at least Vice-administrator level, and it is lead by the greatest Cheese-slayer within our organization, currently: .

William C. Chezlair V hails from a long line of royal cheese-slayers. He is a sage person who has seen more of cheese then any person in the organization. He knows the dark side of cheese, and the destructive power that it could befall humanity if it fell into the wrong hands. He has a checkered past which he is not always proud of but, which provides him with more knowledge of the cheesy underworld than any other noble person on Earth.

Mostly you slay cheese, and graduate from the Cheese Slayer eLearning Academy. But you must also strive to do what is right, and help others before yourself.

Yes, however you will have to prove yourself as one who benefits humanity as much as anyone other member; remain active in your community, help people, spread the message about the cabal, etc. Serving humanity is our goal and one member doing that and not slaying cheese, is better than many laypeople not doing either.

Yes, but you may have an imaginary diploma from the Cheese Slayers eLearning Academy if you can identify at least one type of cheese, and think of at least one way to slay it (at least until the Academy comes to exist).

It is organized into Chapters, Guilds, and Clans. Chapters are generally associated with a Continent, or other large region, and consist mostly of a collection of Guilds. Guilds consist of a collection of Clans. Clans are esentially clubs.

All three of these follow a chain of command. gives commands to Chapters, which deliver these commands to Guilds, which command Clans.