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Groups Page

The Anti-cheese Cabal

Welcome to the Groups page!

The groups page is where information about groups will be divulged. Groups that will be elaborated on are 'Posses/Clans', 'Guilds', 'Chapters', and the council. (A list of Posses/Clans, Guilds, and Chapters may appear on this page in the future.)

Posses/Clans: The are the most basic groups often consisting of 5 to 30 people. The leader of a posse/clan is given a higher rank within the cabal, and may decide how the posse/clan is run. Each one is given a designation number chosen by the council, and a name to be chosen by it's members. Posse and clan can be used interchangeably to refer to this type of group.

Guilds: Typically, a union of 10 or more posses, which come together under a common rule. They are usually close geographically, and democratically select a guild leader, who decides how the guild operates. Each is given a designation number which is added to the posses/clans within the guild.

Chapter: A union of a large number of guilds which occupy a large geographic area (i.e. The USA, Europe. etc.) A chapter leader is elected democratically by all guilds within the chapter, and decides how the chapter operates.

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