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TKS's Future Experts Lab

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Here are the games that we currently have in developement. Following each of the games and a breif description will be promotional pictures for each game.

Title: 2011 A Twist In The Flow
Made in: Inform 7
Synopsis: You are an honorary member of the librarians, an organization dedicated to preserving the time-space continuum. Your mission is to stop the Time-Keeper from turning against the librarians and destroying time as we know it.

Title: Operation Twilight Storm
Made in: Qbasic & Justbasic
Synopsis: The 2D companion of the soon-to-be-out CC Tech Operation Twilight Storm. Your mission is to destroy crashed plane carrying secret plans that could be disastrous in the wrong hands.

Title: Future Experts' "Psi Games" Series
Made in: Qbasic
Synopsis: These are some classic and new games. You can play these with the keyboard or if you think your up to it, with psychic powers. (Games to be include: [New: Will-power] [Classic: Space Invaders clone, 1-P Tron clone, Zener cards]

Title: Blob-man
Made in: Qbasic
Synopsis: A Pacman clone.

Title Flatland: The Great Color Rebellion
Made in: Qbasic
Synopsis: You play as Chromatistes the Pentagon, as you discover color and start a rebellion that will go in the history books of Flatland for ever... (Loosely based on the description given in Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions)

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