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This is the place you'll find all our animations, tools, and games. Games are marked for content so that you can decide if the game is appropriate to play. Most of these games will run on windows machines, although some of the DOS programs won't run on Vista, because they are in full-screen mode.



Simple Number Game

A game where you try to take the last counter to win.

2006: A Math Oddesy

+a 1P-tron clone

This allows you to practice arithmetic sequences. I made this for a math presentation I had in school one time.


Maze Escape: The Cloaked Figure

This was the final project for my programming class. You have to get to the center of a maze w/out hitting the walls.


Puerto Rico Quiz

A quiz I made in Spanish class to go with my report on Puerto Rico. I also challenged myself to make the source code as small as possible with the alloted time.

(It is in spanish, except for accents which I was unable to include due to limited font support.)



The first game in the Psi Game series. This game is psychically controlled with your mind. Will the line up or down, and see if you can beat chance!


Sample Text-Based Game

A game to test how people like text-based games, and if they're worth the effort it takes to put them up. Please leave comments if you play them.


Cookie Game

A game, where the goal is to keep as many cookies bouncing as possible.


Plate Tectonic Animations

Animations of the three types of plate boundaries.


Calvin Cycle

An IF version of the Calvin Cycle.


Esperanta ELIZA

An Esperanto translation of ELIZA.

Esperanta traduko de ELIZA.


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