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Welcome to the Poetry Page
I write poetry on occasion. Here are a few examples:

The Clock


It's face stares at me
I gaze upon it's soft features
It's hands slowly wave to me
            a lost friend


Every second the beginning gets farther away
Every second the end gets nearer
Every second the hands go round


The outside may be seamless
But the inside is a clawing shelf
Tinkering with the shelf
One can create the perfect machine
One can create a flawed machine


At the end of the day only two things are true
The first is a mystery
The second is that the clock's hands
            Will keep turning


Tick-tock... Tick-tock... Tick-tock
I cannot shut out the horrible scissors
They pierce me, showing what is inside


Everywhere I go I see a clock
All is one schedule
Only interested in what the clock says
Not caring for the simple subtleties outside the clock

            THE WORLD


VII. The clock moves slowly
The voice of the instructor drones on, and on...


Breath ceases
I try to keep the hands moving
To what avail?!




The count has almost reached sixty

58-59-... ... ...

60, A minute has passed

Only sixty more



The clock skin was gold

It's chain a death of rope and life

The key slowly sinks as a snake

            twisting it's prey

                        giving life



He stepped into the sleek black machine he had been making

It was cold and artificial, lacking the grace of it's precursor

But he knew what he was about to do

            And once he stepped into this unnatural machine

                        There would be no correction fluid to write over this chapter



This clock most precious flows

It is a great flower in the sky

A fire, a magic

It dips and rises

It fills your vision

It is beauty beyond love