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Cloak of Darkness
A short demonstration of Interactive Fiction.

This game is played by typing commands, below the game box are some instructions if you need them.

Basic Commands:
i: check inventory
look: take in surroundings
examine x: look at object x
get x: add object x to inventory.
drop x: drop object x on ground.

Often the description of the room you're in will tell you what directions you can go in. You can move by typing the direction you want to go in. For example to go north you might type 'go north', 'north', or just 'n'. You can usually move in all 4 cardinal directions, and all 4 ordinal directions.

Advanced Commands:
These can be used to carry out more complex tasks. They can take two forms: 1)[verb, noun] (Examples: 'press green button', 'open mailbox'), or 2)[verb, noun, preposition, other noun](Examples: 'Put mail on satchel', 'tie rope around rock'). Please note that a noun also needs to include all terms used to refer to an object, so instead of just 'button', you have to say 'green button' if there is more than one button you could be referring to.

Java z-machine interpreter made by Matthew Russotto.